Who Knows All.. ?

If the answer is No one. Then this blog is for U. I'm going to put all the things I know in Java

Tell me what u know about Java?

(This is quiet easiest question to ask and expect in an Personal Interview(PI) but on the flip side its the most difficult question to answer with.In PI we really don’t know where to start answering with, because we all know java is an ocean.But don’t get panic in such situations and no need to explain everything you know all about java. The intention behind putting these type of questions is- The Interviewer just wants to know you have some sound knowledge on java or not. So, to answer the question read the post..)

From its humble release to the public as a wimpy version 1.02, Java seduced programmers with its friendly syntax, object-oriented features, memory management and best of all – the promise of portability. The lure of write once/run-anywhere is just too strong. A devoted following exploded,as programmers fought against bugs,limitation and,oh yeah,the fact that it was dog slow.But that was ages ago.Now it was much faster,more powerful and easier to develop with.From Java2(versions 1.2-1.4) it comes in three flavors Micro Edition(J2ME),Enterprise Edition(J2EE),Standard Edition(J2SE).It becomes the language of choice for new enterprise(especially web-based) and mobile applications.
(If the interviewer gives you much time you can extend this to some of the topics like Inheritance,Polymorphism, Encapsulation etc which i’m going to cover in next  posts.Thanks for reading)

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This entry was posted on November 2, 2011 by in Tell me about Java.
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