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If the answer is No one. Then this blog is for U. I'm going to put all the things I know in Java

Explain about Array variable?

                 An array is like a tray of cups.Every element in an array is just a variable. In other words,one of the eight primitive variable types or a reference variable. Anything you put in a variable of that type. So, in an int(int[]) array you can hold an int. In dog array(Dog[]) each element can hold a Dog reference variable.Remember a reference variable just holds a reference not the object itself.

            The key thing about array is that, “Arrays are always objects, whether they’re declared to hold object references or primitives”. In other words, the array itself is never a primitive. Regardless of what the what the array holds, the array itself is always an object.

Arrays are great when you just want a quick, ordered efficient  list of things.Arrays give you fast random access by letting you use an index position to get to any element in the array. 


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This entry was posted on November 3, 2011 by in Array, Arrays.
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